Rene Cerrito/The Well-Lived Life

Live A Juicy, Joyful Life That You Love Waking Up To In The Morning!!!

This is your time to…

~ Create a new vision for your life that delights, nurtures, and fulfills you ~

~ Dust off those old dreams and passions and discover new ones ~

~ Get deeply in touch with yourself and your true desires ~

~ Look at your life with a fresh perspective ~

There is a special feeling of freedom and exhilaration when you are living your vision… when all aspects of your life are in harmony with your values and your true desires… when you have a sense of well being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)… and your deepest needs are met.

When you have truly chosen your way of life, you feel creative… your life has meaning… the very best of you comes forth, and you use the gifts that are uniquely yours. You feel feminine, vibrant and fully alive!

Authenticity = Joy

Perhaps you have been feeling a restlessness, a stirring, a creative spark, a desire for something more. I call this… “Divine Discontent.”

It is a message from your inner source. It is your soul nudging you further on your path… a wish from your heart for new possibilities to emerge… for more sensuality… richer experiences… and a deeper connection with yourself.

This is your time to…

Live The Life You Were Born To Live!

Woman’s Inner Journey is a wonderful exploration… of yourself and your life… a joyful deep dive into your innermost thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and desires… mind, body, heart, and soul. It is enlightening and empowering. It is also a lot of fun. It will give you insight, tools and techniques to use to create the life you really want to live. You will be surprised at what you learn about yourself… the sweet and precious parts of yourself that you re-connect to.

It’s about transformation of your life experience. It’s about re-creating your life in the way that your inner vision yearns for it to be. It’s about dusting off every dream you ever had (and put aside), and embracing new ones. It’s about living your everyday life with joy, well-being, and vibrant aliveness. It’s about claiming your life now, and not putting it off until ‘someday’.

This is your time!

The inner journey is wondrous and grand. This work is deep, insightful, and fun. You will have new and wonderful thoughts, feelings, experiences, insights, and epiphanies! You are going to fall in love with yourself!

You are a powerful creator… a divine, eternal being. You have everything within you to create a juicy, joyful, fulfilling life.





Take a deeper look at your life
• Gain clarity, insight, fresh perspectives
• Embrace and acknowledge your values, skills, strengths, and wisdom
• Re-Connect to your dreams, your passion, purpose, creativity, and your rich inner source
• Claim your unique gifts… hold them close to your heart
• Feel your divine spirit and the longing of your soul
• Trust yourself implicitly
• Be comfortable in your own skin
• Honor yourself and your inner truth
• Create a new vision for your life
• Make choices that delight you
• Open to wonderful new possibilities, to live your life authentically… with grace, self-expression,     fulfillment and joy!
• Gift yourself with the life you truly want to live


Juicy   Creative   Insightful   Playful
Experiential   Inspirational
Thought-Provoking   Fun

This workshop has six modules… each with a specific concept. You will be using a variety of experiential exercises, guided imagery visualizations, introspective processes, stream of consciousness writing, and journaling. You will also be given play sheets that will allow you to deepen your self-exploration adventure on your inner journey.

Module One…Clarity
For you to create a life of fulfillment and joy, you must first gain clarity about your true desires, dreams, values, passions, and your most cherished vision for your life. This takes introspection and being totally honest with yourself.

Module Two… Self Concept
Your self concept governs your whole life. Every aspect of your life is impacted by your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about who you are. You will delve deeper into your self concept in gentle exploration, and emerge with wonderful new insights and appreciation for yourself.

Module Three… Beliefs
Your beliefs affect your life in many profound ways. When you identify true authentic beliefs, inauthentic beliefs, and preferred beliefs, you can then shine a spotlight on those beliefs that serve you and those beliefs that don’t.

Module Four… Claiming & Intention
When you know what you want to create in your life, what is truly important to you, and how you would like to live… then you could play with possibilities and decide what you are claiming for yourself and your life. Setting your intentions makes it very real and allows you to truly take ownership of your life. It also creates a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Module Five… Choice & Commitment
You will begin to think about the choices you wish to make for your life with great care and awareness. What are you willing to give the precious days and hours of your life to? What would delight you? You will make promises and commitments to yourself that reflect your vision for your life.

Module Six… Inspired Action
Now it’s time to take your passion, vision, inspiration, and your choices and commitments… and create the practical details to implement them in your everyday life. You will make plans and schedule them… and begin to take inspired action to create the life you really want to live!

You will receive:

      • Unlimited access to Woman’s Inner Journey workshop material containing six modules with audios and play sheets
      • Three private life coaching sessions with Rene via Zoom
      • Life coaching circles with Rene via Zoom:
             3 Month Program: 6 sessions (2 per month)
             6 Month Program: 12 sessions (2 per month)
      • A members only private Facebook group
      • An option for continuing support such as private coaching, group coaching, and masterminds

I invite you to a grand adventure of discovery and renewal. It is my wish that this workshop will inspire you to create the life you really dream of living!
…Rene Cerrito CPCC

Unlimited Access To Woman’s Inner Journey
Workshop Material

Three Private Life Coaching Sessions With Rene

Life Coaching Circles With Rene Via Zoom:
3 Month Program: 6 Sessions (2 Per Month)… $2997.00
6 Month Program: 12 Sessions (2 Per Month)… $3997.00

Members Only Private Facebook Group

Option For Continuing Support

*Payment Plan Available

Lovely Testimonials From Women Who Have Attended
Woman’s Inner Journey Workshop Live

I will never be able to tell you enough about how much your workshop has changed my life.The thoughts and emotions uncovered through your inspiration have made me take a good, long, hard look at myself and where I am at in this stage of my life.Self esteem and trust in my own judgment have increased to a new level.Interacting with the other ladies, who all have become my dearest friends, has allowed a whole new and healthy attitude to develop. I have such confidence which I never thought possible.Kudos to you for the hard work and thought you have put into this venture.I would highly and enthusiastically recommend attendance at any of your workshops or seminars.
Diana Serrano


An amazing course that I highly recommend. I was very lucky to have been a part of Rene’s first workshop and it was such an eye-opening, soul connecting experience that made me see myself in a new light. I made some wonderful connections to all the women in the group, we still get together almost every month to connect.
Pam Varacek

Through Rene’s fun and relaxing way of presenting the women in her journey with the tools to be able to reach within and rediscover emotions and desires that have been set aside, I find myself with the confidence and ability to focus on what really makes me happy. I have been able to rediscover the “Me” that I had set aside while I was busy working and raising children. I loved the opportunity to see how much I have grown as a woman and to relax enough to allow my dreams and hopes for my future to emerge. I don’t know where it will lead, but I do know that if my heart feels content on my journey- then I am heading in the right direction. The support and love from the amazing group of women was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Every woman owes it to herself to experience the Woman’s Inner Journey, which I see as the gift of a lifetime. Thank you Rene.
Laura Matasavich

I attended Rene’s Woman’s Inner Journey workshop last fall… her gentle but provocative approach to examining one’s life is amazing! Her visualization techniques resulted in in-depth observations and new insights into what’s important to me at this point in my life. Self examination in the meditations and writing exercises brought to light what I appreciate about myself and helped to crystallize what I want going forward. Examining my beliefs forced me to focus on what’s holding me back from living the life I want. Rene truly creates a safe and caring atmosphere that brings forth positive results. My new motto: “Life is so bountiful… hold on to the past but don’t let it hold you back.”
Pam Keating


Rene’s workshops are fun, inspiring, insightful, emotional – a whole host of wonderful descriptors apply. Plus the camaraderie that develops between participants will bring new friends and joy into your life. I highly recommend them.
Eileen Carpino-Teel

I came to Rene’s workshop not really knowing what to expect and not really expecting anything at all. Recently retired and ready to begin the next chapter of my life, I was open to whatever I was going to experience in the Women’s Inner Journey workshop. Not only was I completely satisfied with the experience, the workshop exceeded all my expectations and left me with a better understanding of myself as well as a sense of peace with and acceptance of all that I am. Rene is a sincere, compassionate, intuitive woman who led the workshop with great insight, obvious joy, and a touch of humor. I was immediately comfortable in the environment she had set up, and although I had never met the other women in the workshop before I felt an effortless connection with them and had no problem sharing my feelings, thoughts, and discoveries. Rene’s gentle and nurturing approach allowed us to be completely open, secure in the knowledge that any contribution we made would be met with total acceptance and without judgment. The variety of activities she had us participate in, the guided meditations she led us through, the questions she had us ask ourselves and the opportunities for introspective journaling she provided allowed me to discover new things about myself and really focus on my true intentions and desires. While Rene cannot singlehandedly fulfill my dreams, she certainly was able to provide guidance toward achieving my goals and she surely gave me that gentle little push that I needed to get started. Rene provided us with much material to refer back to and she even included “home play” activities that allow me to continue my journey on my own. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who would like to reconnect with herself; as we all know it is so easy to lose ourselves in the busy lives that we lead.
Nancy Z.

I’d like to thank you for one of the most enriching experiences of my adult life. Attending your women’s workshop was an unexpected blessing to me. I arrived on a morning in May of 2013, unprepared for the awakening that lay before me. With a sure and gentle hand you led a group of virtual strangers through a series of exercises that profoundly affected us. You asked me questions that I had stopped asking myself many years ago. The answers to these questions were buried deep within me. In peeling back the layers of years of neglect, you helped me remember some of the natural exuberance I had once felt. You reminded me that I was a “whole” person way before I started having children and a husband. I was a valid entity on my own, before I identified myself as a mother and a wife. I am convinced that you are doing the work that you are meant to be doing. You have a gift for communicating and your intentions are sincere and genuine. I am a huge fan Rene. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and guidance. And I look forward to our future conversations.
Sincerely, and with love,
Laura Lap