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About Rene Cerrito


I have worked intimately with women all my life as a hairstylist/salon owner. Through the years women have shared a lot about themselves and their lives through deep, personal conversations. It has always been a sacred honor for me to have the privilege of their trust… and I feel a profound kinship with all women.

My transition to life coaching and working with women has been a natural one. I have always been interested in self-development / human potential. I have attended many trainings and workshops… and read countless books. I love what comes forth from a human being creatively (through all the ages and all over the world). It fascinates and thrills me. I really love people… we are all so precious


Women especially are so honest, open, and sensitive… so willing to share and nurture. They also are mostly overextended (sometimes completely overwhelmed)… giving their time and energy to other people, professions, home, etc.

The idea of being able to design and create one’s life according to one’s deepest desires and dreams really appealed to me. I obtained my professional life coach training and certification from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), which is one of the most highly accredited coach trainings in the world from The International Coach Federation (ICF).

I have had many transitions in my life and what I know is this: To wake up in the morning and love my life the way I have set it up is so important and integral to my happiness and well-being. I am always at choice… what I do, where I go, with whom I engage, my environment… all of it. I get to design it according to my highest vision! And yes… sometimes re-design it.

The other important factor is my self-concept… what I believe about myself. There have been times in my life when I have lost or disconnected from that sense of my true self; and other times when I was deeply in touch with my inner being… and my sense of self was bright and radiant. This led me on a quest to discover how to stay centered in my truth… my inner being. Part of my work is showing women how to do this as well.

The reasons I do what I do… I really love this work! I believe it is valuable and relevant to our time. The more happy women in the world, the better!

I consider it a blessing when a woman shares her personal life with me… her thoughts, feelings, dreams. If I can uplift, support, and empower her to create a happy life… that to me is soul work.

My joy in working with women is seeing them light up when they tap into their inner world of richness, wisdom, and beauty… and embrace new possibilities for their lives. I love when they have deep insight and gain clarity and self knowledge… those delicious Ah Ha moments that change everything! I love when they see their own inner beauty and have a sense of their feminine power… so that they go forth with confidence… being true to their inner vision… honoring their values… trusting themselves completely and embracing the gifts that are uniquely theirs… creating joy and delight for themselves… truly the well-lived life!

Rene Cerrito CPCC