Modules Schedule

There is a lot of material in this workshop.  It is designed to be done in sequence… with each module building on the previous one. This takes quiet, focused time. The schedule for your access to each module is below. The days are scheduled from the first day of your registration.

Day 1:  Woman’s Inner Journey Opening &                                         Meditation
               Module One… Clarity
               Clarity Play Sheets
Day 15: Module Two… Self Concept
                Self Concept Play Sheets
Day 22: Module Three… Beliefs
                Beliefs Play Sheets
Day 29: Module Four… Claiming & Intention
                Claiming & Intention Play Sheets
Day 35: Module Five… Choice & Commitment             
                Choice & Commitment Play Sheets
Day 40: Module Six… Inspired Action
                Inspired Action Play Sheets
                Woman’s Inner Journey Closing